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Jatamansi (Indian Spikenard)


Jatamansi is used as a safe alternative to treat ailments of the nervous system, heart, skin and the digestive system. It is used to dye the hair black naturally and make it smooth and shiny. Its relaxant quality soothes the body and the mind and is good for inducing sleep. It helps reduce hyperactivity among children. Jatamansi is used in perfumery, as its fragrance holds a sweet relaxing note that lulls the senses into a feeling of well being.

Jatamansi grows in the Kumaon range and in the eastern and central Himalayas, where it is wild harvested, hence free from additives of any sort. If you are experiencing hair loss, massaging your scalp with Jatamansi oil can prevent further hair fall. It is also an effective remedy against dandruff. You can make oil infused with Jatamansi at home by heating a small quantity of the herb in coconut or olive oil. Let it steep well, then filter the cooled oil and store for future use.

Jatamansi is believed to greatly improve the memory and aid in the learning process. Studies conducted on young mice showed that Jatamansi was able to noticeably improve memory and learning and reverse the onset of amnesia. Jatamansi is thought to bring about improvement in one's memory by facilitating the cholinergic transmission to the brain.


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