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Dill Seeds


Dill seeds are used, both whole and ground, as a condiment in soups, salads, processed meats, sausages, spicy table sauces, sauerkraut and particularly in dill pickling.

In taste dill seeds are sweet and aromatic, an intermediate between anise and caraway. It is also used on cakes and breads, particularly in rye breads. It should be used sparingly as the flavour grows. Its flavour works well in sour cream and yogurt sauces. Ground dill seed is an ingredient of seasonings. The dried seeds keep indefinitely when kept out of sunlight in an airtight container. Dill water is considered to be an aromatic carminative especially useful in relieving flatulence, colic and hiccups in infants and children.

Dill, as a medicine, has been used as a digestive herb, to relieve gas and to induce sleep. Its use has also been claimed to improve vitality and brain power. Dill water, made from the Dill seeds, is used to soothe babies. Dill seeds, when chewed, can highly be effective in curing bad breath. The word “dill” comes from the Norse “dilla”, meaning “to lull”. Drinking dill tea is recommended to overcome insomnia. It was known as a medicinal herb to the ancient Greeks and Romans, where soldiers placed burned dill seeds on their wounds to promote healing.


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