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Damar Incense


From the evergreen forests of South East Asia we present a bright, elevating gum resin- Damar which is in Malay means resin or "torch made from resin". Damar unfurls a sweet, fresh and citrus like scent when burnt

Damar is extruded from trees of the genus Shorea, a large semi-deciduous variety, which is an important source of hardwood timber as well. The trees are cultivated for their treasured incense which is also known as cat-eye resin in some regions. This natural aromatic incense when burnt fills the air, both indoors and outdoors with an intense lemony fragrance. Damar was originally used for lighting torches which is why it is considered the bringer of light- lifting spirits from gloom and despair.

Damar resin is bright, joyful and cleansing with fragrant sweet notes. Besides being highly prized for its esteemed fragrance, Damar is also used in plasters, varnishes, lacquers and as a sealant for caulking boats. Damar is said to be particularly useful in overcoming sadness, depression and melancholy and has a light, airy sweet smell. In fragrance Damar is very similar to the much more expensive Gum Mastic which is of Greek origin and is frequently used as a substitute for it.

Botanical name Shorea wiesneri 
Common name Cats eye resin 
Bengali Sal dammar
Hindi Sal dhuna, Ral
Kannada Chanchalya
Marathi Dhup, Ral-dhup
Telugu Kan Kungilium

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