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Cedar Wood (Deodhar)


Some fragrances are nature's own blend and nearly impossible to duplicate. They are timeless and unaffected by trends and fashions. Without a doubt, Cedar is one such fragrance.

Cedar wood abounds with an elevating and comforting scent that is as refreshing as the smell of the fresh mountain air. Not surprising since the Cedar tree is native to the Himalayas and literally means "wood of the gods" in Sanskrit, a compound of deva (god) and daru (wood or tree). The tree grows to 100 feet in height, lives up to a thousand years, and resists insect damage. The bark of the cedar tree produces scented wood, known as cedar wood, the colour varying from dark brown to red.

Cedar wood has a number of uses. It is a natural bug repellent, and can help to keep insects away from clothes. Simply placing a few sticks of Cedar wood makes clothes smell great, and on a practical level, repels bugs and moths. It is used for preservation of spices. Cedar wood has many applications in cosmetics, aromatherapy and in incense. More commonly, cedar is included in men’s colognes and aftershaves and is used to make cigar boxes, cedar chests, and panel closets.

Pioneers knew that cedar kept insects away and used cedar flakes on the floor of their homes. It's no wonder cedar chests have been used for years to store precious linen and other items, to protect them from pests. The oil obtained from Cedar wood is one of the oldest ingredients used in perfumery. Cedar wood has a distinctive woody, spicy-resinous scent that has been used as a base note of many famous perfumes. Cedar wood is also one of the most commonly used perfume notes, mentioned at least once in the fragrant opus of every perfumer.

Botanical name Cedrus deodara 
Common name Deodhar 
Hindi Devadar, Daruk
Bengali Debadara katha
Kannada Devadari 
Malayalam Devadaru 
Tamil Toon maram 
Telugu Devadari 


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