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Indian Sarsaparilla


Hemidesmus indicus is used to make beverages and also used in traditional medicine. The extracts from the root are used as a coolant and a blood-purifier and also used in many other forms, especially as refreshing syrup with sugar and a dash of lemon.

It is believed that the extracts from this root help in increasing semen count, purifying blood and neutralising poison. Indian Sarsaparilla works as a diuretic and emetic, and has anti-inflammatory properties..Some experimental studies have displayed the beneficial effect of the extract of this root.

Botanical name Hemidesmus indicus 
Gujarati Kapuri, Upalasari
Hindi Anantamul, Kapuri 
Kannada Karibandha, Sogade 
Malayalam Naruninti 
Marathi Anantamul, Upalasari 
Tamil Nannari 
Telugu Sugandhipala, Gadisugandhi, Muttavapulagamu 
Urdu Salsa, Magrabu

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