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Indian Birthwort (Ishwara Beru)


Aristolochia indica is found in the low hills and plains of India, from Nepal and lower Bengal to Chittagong in Bangladesh, besides the Coromondel Coast. Traditional medical texts such as Vatikaprakaranaya claim many medicinal properties of Aristolochia indica including anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-ulcer activities. It is an ingredient of herbal decoctions and external applications used for snakebite management in indigenous medicine.

Ishwara Beru is an endangered plant which finds use in traditional medicine. Since antiquity, aristolochic acid, a constituent of the Aristolochia species, has found use in medicine. The plant is used to treat amongst others cholera, fever, bowel troubles, ulcers, leprosy, poisonous bites.

Despite serious safety concerns, aristolochia is used to prevent seizures, increase sexual desire, boost the immune system and start menstruation. It is also used to treat snakebite, intestinal pain, gall bladder pain, arthritis, gout, achy joints (rheumatism), eczema, weight loss, and wounds. Be sure to take expert medical advice from your physician or healthcare professional before using.

Botanical name Aristolochia indica 
Common name Eesvari, Garudi  
Hindi Isvarmul, Hooka-bel 
Bengali Ishormul, Isheri
Gujarati Sapsan, Ruhimula, Iswarimool
Kannada Ishwara Beru 
Malayalam Garudakkoti, Karalayam 
Marathi Sapasan
Oriya Gopikaron
Sinhalese Sapsanda
Tamil Adagam, Karudakkodi
Telugu Esvaraveru
Urdu Zarawand Hindi

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