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Guduchi (Indian Tinospora)


Tinospora cordifolia commonly referred to by its Sanskrit name 'Guduchi' is a large, deciduous climbing shrub with greenish yellow typical flowers. The stem of Tinospora cordifolia is widely used in the treatment of diabetes by regulating the blood glucose in traditional folk medicine of India.

Single or synergistic formulations of Tinospora cordifolia with Zingiber officinale (Dry Ginger) are used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in traditional medicine.

Guduchi has played an important role in traditional Ayurvedic medicine since antiquity. It is widely used in the treatment of fever, jaundice, chronic diarrhea,  dysentery,  skin disease and eye disorders. Tinospora cordifolia is a herb that plays many diverse roles and is an invaluable resource for all forms of life.

Botanical name Tinospora cordifolia 
Common name Guduchi 
Hindi Amrita, Giloy, Jiwantika 
Kannada Amrutha balli 
Malayalam Amruthu, Chittamritam 
Marathi Guduchi, Gulvel 
Tamil Shindilakodi, Amudem chindil 
Telugu Tippa-teega 
Urdu Gilo, Gurach

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