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Bhringraj is best for hair management, controls the blood pressure, treats skin problems and relieves the pain of migraine. Oil infused with the herb Bhringraj is a natural remedy that aids the growth of luxuriant hair.

Typicaly it can be prepared by boiling the herb with a natural oil like coconut, olive or sesame. Applying this oil to the scalp and skin is believed to be beneficial to health and is first step towards a glowing skin.

Bhringraj is said to have many beneficial effects on the liver by acting as a hepato-protective agent and stimulates regeneration of hepatic cells. Besides increasing the production of bile, it is said to improve the digestive process, in addition to the neutralisation and expulsion of toxins from the body via the liver.

Botanical name Eclipta alba 
Common name False Daisy 
Hindi Bhringaraj, Bhangra, Mochkand, Babri 
Bengali Kesuriya
Gujarati Bhangaro
Kannada Garagadasoppu, Garugalu, Kadiggagaraga 
Malayalam Kannunni, Kaikeshi 
Marathi Bhringuraja, Maka 
Sanskrit Kehraj, Bhringraja, Bhangra
Tamil Karisalaankanni, Garuga, Kayanthakara 
Telugu Galagara 
Urdu Babri, Bhangr

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