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Mani Kundrikam (Indian Olibanum)


Mani Kundrikam or Indian Olibanum is a fragrant gum resin extruded from the tree Boswellia glabra, which is native to the Coromandel region of South India.

Since earliest times the incense Mani Kundrikam has been valued for its fragrant fumes that seemingly reach deep into one's soul. It finds mention in the writings of the intrepid traveller Marco Polo (1254-1324) when he visited the Pandyan kingdom in the late 13th century. The gum-resin obtained from the Boswellia glabra tree and called Mani Kundrikam apparently derives its name from Kundur, one of the Arabic words for Olibanum.

This fragrant incense which is used in religious ceremonies is also said to possess stimulant, astringent and diaphoretic properties. It is widely used in traditional medicine as it is said to provide relief from swollen joints. Boswellic acid, an important constituent present in the resin has anti-inflammatory properties which find application in treating rheumatoid arthritis, lower back pain and osteoarthritis.

In using Mani Kundrikam or Indian Olibanum as an incense, you breathe in an aromatic experience that has enraptured generations of its users since antiquity.

Botanical name Boswellia glabra
Common name Indian Olibanum
Kannada Kundrika
Malayalam Kunthirikkam
Tamil Mani Kundrikam

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