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Kokum Butter


Kokum butter is a raw unprocessed butter extracted from Kokum seeds of the plant Garcinia indica. The product is hand rolled into oval shaped pellets. It is used as a filler in soaps and anti-burn creams besides numerous applications in cosmetics. The kokum fruit from which it is made is wild harvested, hence no artificial additives are present.

It maintains a solid form at room temperature due to its higher melting point. This property is the reason why it is used in chocolates to inhibit melting, as the other ingredients present, cocoa and cocoa butter have a lower melting point. Kokum butter is also the main ingredient in leading brands of anti-burn cream.

Kokum butter is a sure fire remedy for cracked heels. Heat equal parts of Kokum butter and coconut oil (olive oil will also do) to obtain a gel. Apply it on cracked heels. You will find that the cracks vanish in a few days.

Botanical name Garcinia indica
Common name Kokum butter
Kannada Punarpuli yenne

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